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Kristina Giorgi & Constance Curry Jun 02, 2022
Full Circle Intervention and Full Circle Living sober communities.
Kristina and Constance are the authors of The Lost Years; Surviving and Mothers and Daughters worst nightmare. The Lost Years is a brutally honest and gritty story of Kristina’s dramatic decent into addiction and her mother’s desperate attempt to save her. Told from the parallel perspectives of mother and daughter, it is a moving account of one families journey into addiction and ultimately recovery. The Lost Years is an incredibly inspiring story of healing and hope.
Kristina Wandzilak, CAS, CIP is the Founder of Full Circle Intervention and Full Circle Living sober communities. She has been a leader in the addictions industry since 1995. Kristina is highly respected and renowned for her compassionate and effective work and is credited with helping thousands of addicts and their families through her work as an international interventionist, author and television expert. Kristina is the expert on Lifetime’s docu-series Codependent and the Prism award winning television show, Addicted, and can often be seen on Good Morning America and other news outlets.
Marilyn Nemzer Jun 09, 2022
Global Book Exchange
Chief White Jun 16, 2022