Service Above Self

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Service and Safari for the Soul Registration Form

About The Trip
This is a rotary service and safari travel experience curated by Melisa Prandi Children Foundation for rotarians and friends of rotary to visit Africa (Uganda) for charity work and an adventure safari experience in the wild. 
Trip Timing: February 2nd-12th, 2023
Trip Address: Uganda
Contact us at Melissa: +1 (415) 300-6762 or
For More Information Contact Nick at: WhatsApp +256 (701) 082-040 or

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Rotary makes a difference for local student

Dear Mission San Rafael Rotary Club, My name is Fatima Hernandez. I am a former scholastic scholarship recipient via the College readiness program 10,000 Degrees. I received my first interview with the Mission San Rafael Rotary my senior year of high school in 2017. It was an honor to even be eligible for the scholarship in the first place, let alone find out that I had been chosen to receive the award. This past June I graduated from UC Santa Cruz and earned my Bachelor's degree! I double majored in Psychology as well as Education, Democracy, and Justice. Time really flew by!!

I would like to begin by saying Thank you. Thank you so much for all you do to help students and organizations in the Marin community. I am a first generation college student. My family emigrated from El Salvador when I was five years old.

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$50,000 Donated for Covid-19 Fund

Mission San Rafael Rotary Club generously donated a record $50,000 to help those communities members coping with the financial challenges of Covid-19. I just noticed some Rotarian forgot to sign this BIG Check!
$50,000 Donated for Covid-19 Fund 2020-04-14 07:00:00Z 0

Our Founding Members

Join us for our first meeting for the 2019-2020 Rotary year!  We will be honoring our "Founding Fathers". 
Members who became Rotarians on January 27, 1982:  (from left to right) 

Pablo Castro
Ron Leach
Paul Simmons
Dirck Brinckerhoff
David Hellman
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Members cleaning up Rotary Island-San Rafael

MSRR Members cleaning up Rotary Island at 2nd and Lincoln. 
Left to Right:
Culley Casey, Dameion Brown, Past Presidents Elsia Galawish and Michael Green, David Shawn. 
(Photographer: Susanne Karch)

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Rotary Home Team Comes To Rescue Of Marin Seniors and people with disabilities 2019-01-07 08:00:00Z 0
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Earth Day ...... April 21, 2018  Making A Difference

Our team of Rotarians joined San Rafael High siblings & their mom as well as a bunch of Master Gardeners., to clean up Falkirk Community Center.
Every one worked hard, had fun and enjoyed great camaraderie and tasty food. Our Small-But-Mighty-Team is why we are so proud to be a Rotarians.

"This was the loveliest, nicest, most pleasant group I think we’ve ever worked with.  They all, young and old, worked really hard, were fun to talk to, enjoyed each other and seemed to be enjoying the day, the weather, the physical work and the companionship.  We got a huge amount of work done and it was in the nicest possible way.  Thank you Rotarians for giving your time and their best possible selves to celebrating Earth Day with us."
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Testimonial For The Rotary Home Team

Dear Rotary Home Team;

Wow! Thank you to you & your amazing Rotary Team. I'm so touched & appreciative that I was included to receive this Home Team help. 

Culley & Jane were super!  They helped me with a variety of things that I can’t do myself. Even something like filling & hanging my hummingbird feeder, is so invaluable to a women in my position. (After a stroke at age 41) I've been paralyzed on my left side, leaving me with the use of only one hand & lack of balance. 
Additionally I’m on disability, therefore I am grateful when a giving group of people such as your Rotary group volunteer to help me out with some gardening & a couple of odd jobs. I was so excited to finally have my roses pruned  & my sunshade installed onto my car’s windshield, which I’ve wanted done since I had my windshield replaced last summer. 

Please know the time each of you gives to people like myself is not only a great appreciation but it’s invaluable. Most of us don’t like to ask for help outright. However the way your organization offers your services to us, makes it so much more comfortable to receive your offerings... Thank you all for this! People don’t realize that it’s awkward to put people on the spot, but when it’s given through an offer, it is so special all around. Thanks to each of you! ~  
Jeanine Rossi
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