Trip to Alaska?   Investment Advice!   Meet your DA.    All happening at the Luncheon Meeting 8/10
Elsia Galawish led the club in the Pledge of allegiance to the flag.  Her thought for the day, summed up, was, “focuses on the positive”.
Visiting Rotarians:  Jeff Allen from Harbor Rotary, and Carlos Guerrero. Guests of Rotarians: John Rickards introduced James Laurens of Minto and Wilke Insurance Brokers.   Susanne Karch introduced Keith Nance who has applied for membership and is “in process”.
Stephanie Olsen came close to paying hundreds for her cell phone, which she left at the registration desk.  But she used her first time reprieve.
Susan Angel gave us an update on one of our beneficiary nonprofit groups, Marin Search and Rescue.  We donated toward a new van for the organization, which is run by Marin Sheriff’s department but is staffed by volunteers.  They have responded to 32 incidents in Marin and statewide since the first of the year.  Today they were searching for a young girl on Mt.Tam.  Their slogan is, “Anytime, Anywhere, Any weather”.
Melissa Prandi attended the Membership Committee Training last weekend. She asks the Membership Committee to meet every fourth Thursday, when the whole club is dark, to work on membership.  The meetings will be at noon at San Rafael Joes.
Culley Casey, financial planner with Morgan Stanley, gave his vocational minute. Rather than background which he has done before he gave an overview of the current stock market. In short he recommends knowing the company in which you are investing and if it is highly leveraged be careful.  It is best to diversify.  The current market has been on an 8-year bull run.  You should have been there for the rest.
President Ara Apkarian announced he is putting together a Cruise to Alaska as a fundraiser.  He will give more information as it develops.
Our President would like the club to be 100% sustaining Paul Harris donors. 
The dreaded Rotary Pin surveillance was ordered and "pin less" Rotarians could by a pin for $5.
Fines:  Birthdays etc.
Susanne Karch, fine mistress. only had one birthday, Dr. Mikol Davis.  Dr. Mikol was a gem.  He kicked in for his birthday, wedding anniversary and years in the club.  That's a double bell ringer.
The Kazoo band was spectacular as usual.
Good Times:  John Rickards had a not so good time.  His wife, Cynthia, had to have her hip replaced and it cut into their beach combing time.
Jonathan Cook announced his new customer Application.  He paid a bell ringer.
Elsia Galawish went to Pablo Castro’s Art exhibit at the Tiburon Library, upstairs, last Friday with her daughter and on the way home discovered a Circus in Corte Madera.
Keith Nance, member-to-be, said he does screen writing as a hobby and a movie, “Fate”, in which he has invested is being released on Amazon Prime.
Susanne Karch plugged the need to wear your Rotary pin in public. She sighted an article in the Rotarian Magazine, which describes how a couple’s vacation was saved because a car mechanic recognized the Rotary lapel pin and helped out “fellow Rotarians".
Sydney Fairbairn introduced the speaker, Nicole M. Pantaleo, Deputy District Attorney, Marin County.  Nicole deals with fraud cases.  She described workers compensation fraud, both of workers and employers, auto insurance and auto accident fraud, medical provider fraud, and more.  Her office number is 415-473-6450.
Culley Casey won $5 from the Big Spin Raffle.