Service Above Self

Lunch Meeting 9/21/17

              President Ara is upset because one half of our membership can't spell his name backwards. Will take a knee in protest at our next meeting.

After the pledge and thought for the day, PresAra welcomed back returning member Suzy Burness. It is great to see her again.


Melissa stepped up to remind us of the private Rotary Sunset Cruise out of Tiburon on Friday October 6th. A little will be added to the cost of the cruise to be able to plant some trees at Samuel P Taylor Park.

While she had the floor, Melissa reminded us of the District Rotary meeting for PR Development on 9/30 at the SF Scavenger Company. There will be a lot to take away from this meeting, so to speak.

Gayle Peterson passed around a thank you card for DG Ron Gin who made a great presentation for us last week - featuring an excellent video focused on our club. 

Revenue Enhancements - Gayle was stepping in for Susanne and did an excellent job. Unfortunately, there were no club member birthdays or anniversaries. But alas, as always, we come up with something to Kazoo about. Kay Simmons and Nancie Bottmeyers daughtger were enough to get a rise from the Kazoo Band. John Godsey donated for a great time at his sisters wedding in Portland. Barry Murrin is on a winning streak lately with a 50/50 raffle win at the SR Joes charity golf tournament, which he donated back to the charity and then won a Warriors game with by limo after dinner at Il Davidad. Jeanne Leoncini is overjoyed becoming a great grandmother to Danika Nicole - a 9# 1 oz. delivery. Congratulations Jeanne.

Rotary Home Team Report - Mikol and Gayle were teamed up and had a particular concern for their client who had a automatic chair lift to support her getting up. Unfortunately, Mikol got the mechanism fixed but then the motor would not work. Mikol felt so bad for the lady, that he came to our club for help to pay for a $900 chair. Within a matter of no time, support for $100 and $50 donations rose up. The checks could be made to the foundation and the foundation would make up any difference. Great work members - this is a case where we come together as community to help someone in need - and thank you for the opportunity by bringing this to us Mikol and Gayle. Ron Leach commented on his and Dirck experience with plumbing work for their client. Ron was so glad the Dirck the Plumber was there with all his tools - and did a great job for our client. Thank you to Mike Green and Susanne for all the work and time spent organizing this event.

Speaker - Our speaker for the day was Jed Greene a forensic accountant who shared some real interesting stories while investigating fraud and working with the government.  

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