Posted by Ronald Leach
Headline - Ara announces there will be no meeting the next two weeks - because we do not meet on the 4th Thursdays and we voted that we will not meet the Thursday before Labor Day weekend. The fifth Thursday is usually known as "Free Meal Day" but Ara has rescinded the day. For general information, per our club bylaws, Ara can be impeached any day that ends in "Y".
After more than adequate notice (1 minute), Paul Simmons led us in the pledge and thought for the day, from Mark Twain - "History never repeats itself, but it often rhymes." Before Paul could sit down, Ara had a banking question for him -"Why do banks charge for "insufficient funds'" when they know there is not enough?"  
Announcements -
Membership Committee will meet with Melissa Prandi at SRJoe's next Wednesday at noon to 1:30.
The Celebrating Women Conference will be held Sunday, August 27th in SF. It is too late to sign up now but you should know it is happening. They are allowing men to attend also. The ladies will be cooking the dinner. (I may get in trouble for that - but it will be good to know if you are really reading this bulletin.)
Susan Angel is selling tickets for the Rotary Foundation Raffle if you get your $200 donation in before 10/15. Also don't forget your $200 commitment to our own MSRRFoundation.
Rotary Home Team Day - Susanne wants volunteers for the September 16th RHTD. Whistlestop is scheduling many of their clients who need help with small tasks around the home. This is the opportunity when we actually get to help people OLDER than us.
FINE TIME - Susanne Karch
Anniversaries and Birthdays -
Louis took his wife to see the "Simply Rotten" show. Paul S. and Kay are celebrating their 41st with a cruise to Montreal and Boston. Paul also will be celebrating his Birthday with his twin sister this week. Susan Angel is celebrating her Club Anniversary and her Birthday - and is sporting a new cast on her leg which she said was because of her parachute not opening - but fortunately landed in a tree. That is about as plausible as the story she told about backing into the cop car and then going all the way to LA to get an appendix operation. The Rotary "Is it the Truth" may be being stretched here.
NOPIN Day - Yes today was NOPIN day as all those without their Rotary Pins on - Not the ones on the badge - had an opportunity to buy a slightly used on from Susanne's pin bag.
Good Times -
Larry came in 2nd place in the Salmon Derby and said he really enjoyed smoking it. I tried that once but it was very hard to light - and it smelled like burnt fish. Glad you liked it Larry.
John Godsey is fresh off am engagement party for 75 people who would not go home they were having such a good time + the alcohol was still flowing. He actually had  Paia and Tapas to go with the drinks. John will be in charge of the next Rotary Party.
Dirck's office moved and they did not tell him. He found out that he is at 70 Mitchell - and still unpacking boxes. Dirck had to glue a number of things together causing him to wonder why doesn't glue stick to the bottle?
Eli had a great time at the Independent Healthcare Convention - so large he visited 2 states - North Carolina and Tennessee. 
Pablo's Art Show opening night was a smashing success. He had over 200 people for the reception and the show will continue until 9/28. 
Speaker Of The Day -
Marcie Miller from the Marin History Museum presented a great program on early San Rafael and Big Timothy Murphy. This year is also the 200th Anniversary of the San Rafael Mission. Upcoming programs will be on 9/5 by Betty Gerk on Chief Marin at the Mission Chapel and 9/24 by Lynn Downey on Levi Strauss at the Elks Lodge. I wonder if Levi Struass wore jeans. 
The raffle, 1/2 the pot, was won by Ron Leach.