Service Above Self

Luncheon Meeting 9/14/2017

This Luncheon was really fun and informative.  Check it out.
Mission San Rafael Rotary Club
Luncheon Meeting 9/14/2017
President Ara Apkarian started the meeting at 12:15.
Ron Leach led us in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag and had this thought for the day: “Good judgment comes from experience   and a lot of that comes from bad judgment”.
Visiting Rotarians:
Oak Dowling from San Rafael Main.
Guests of Rotarians:
San Rafael Police Chief Diana Bishop, Police officers Dave Starnes, Roy Leon, Chris Slayton, Travis Carney.
Vocational Minute:  Marijane Guy gave us information on how to get your medical marijuana ID card and where the doctors recommend you can buy it for home delivery.  If you weren’t there and want info give her a call.
Kerry Schultze, our fellowship chairperson, has planned a trip on the Angel Island Ferry for the club.  She asked for best dates and the club chose Friday night.
Susan Angel reminded us that now is the time to buy the RI raffle tickets before the District Fall event.  The winners will be chosen then.  We are all expected to donate $200 a year to Rotary International and that donation can be specified for Polio Plus.  For every dollar specified for Polio Plus the Gates Foundation will match it 2 to 1.
Louis Napoli announced he will be holding the interviews for the Vocational Scholarships right after the Luncheon meeting next week, 9/21.   Call Louis if you have 2 hours to donate to a very worthwhile use of your time.  It is enlightening to meet these teens as they head to their futures.  Call Louis.415-559-2629 or email:  
Public Service Award
President Apkarian announced the Club’s Honoring of Police Officer Trevor Carney. Susan Angel explained she nominated officer Carney for his kindness before he gave her a ticket for going through a red light.  So as you can see there is more to the story and for those who were not there to hear the hilarious recounting of the episode ask Susan.  Police Chief Diana Bishop spoke as did officer Carney.  Officer Carney received the Our Club’s Public Service Award and $200 was donated to the Police Canine Unit in Officer Carney’s name.
President Apkarian, Officer Carney, Susan Angel, Chief Bishop
Fine Mistress Susanne Karch took control and began with Wedding Anniversaries:  David Shawn said his family spent the day with more family on the Russian River on the hottest weekend we have had so far. .  He gave a bell ringer.  
Bill Perrin has a birthday this month and he plans to make it to 72.  Hope you do Bill. He gave another bell ringer.
Good Times:  Michael Green seems to think the Police Chief was planning a speed trap.  He paid for his eves dropping. 
Ron Leach was so pleased to hear that the Angel family international school of driving was still active that he paid for it.
Jonathan Cook was honored as a change creator, is one of the Forbes 40 under 30 years of age, and received a Grant.  Ask him the details, it sounded great.
Our Speaker:
Sydney Fairbairn introduced the speaker for the day, Oak Dowling who gave us a History lesson of Port Chicago, that town across the bay on the Sacramento River Delta.  It was a military munitions depot during the WWII and still is today.  However, it blew up in 1944 and the blast caused damage as far as San Rafael.  Oak’s presentation was a very interesting story about racism in the military and lack of training provided. 
Marijane Guy won the raffle for $5.
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