Service Above Self

Lunch Meeting - September 7, 2017

From the Better Late Than Never Department....
President Ara called this meeting to order promptly at 12:15.  Unfortunately yours truly was asleep at the wheel and neglected to note who led the pledge and gave the thought.  Sorry!  We had several distinguished guests this day starting with Assistant District Governor Brad Williams from the Novato club, as well as the District Governor himself Ron Gin and his "Sweetie".  Additionally Melissa brought her long time friend from the Nelson Staffing family, Mr. Nelson (I may have nodded off again here when his first name was given). 
DG Ron promptly took the podium to induct our newest member, Keith Nance.  Keith is a former and passionate Rotarian, who lives in Vacaville with his family and is employed by Marin Sanitary Service.  We'll be learning much more about Keith in the coming weeks but please take a moment to introduce yourself if you haven't already. 

Announcements:  Melissa announced a joint project between the Ignacio and San Rafael Evening clubs, the 2nd annual Fund at the COM Indian Valley campus.  This author heard rave reviews about the event from several runners/walkers last year.  This will be held on September 23rd. Check it out!
Community Services Chair Mike Green reminded us of the upcoming Rotary Home Team event on September 16th.  Hope you made it. 
The Mistress of the Mic Susanne K. took the floor starting with Wedding Anniversaries.  Having only one on her list, SMK tossed out several reminders to the pre-occupied celebrant.  Finally Dirck, deeply involved in the club's books, realized it was his anniversary Susanne was referring to and promptly ponied up a bell ringer.
Moving onto Club Anniversaries, Susanne called on our President Elect and Past Assistant Governor Elsia!  It's been one year since she graced out club and we are grateful.  Elsia paid for 2 bells! 
On to Birthdays:  As no present club members actually had a birthday this week, MJ kindly offered to celebrate her upcoming anniversary on this planet.  She told us of her recent trip to Southern California to visit her son.  During the visit, a tree fell on his house.  Gratefully there was minimal damage.  She too paid for a bell and the band played on. 
Good Times:  Karri told us of her visit to the Sausalito Art & Wine fest to see Pablo Cruise.  However with the overwhelming heat wave in full force, Karri made a call to Capt. Prandi who was fortunately cruising the bay at that time and was able to sail over and pick up Karri and her peeps.  Another $50 for the coffers and another bell!
Victoria's mother recently began feeling poorly and as a result underwent aortic heart surgery.  Victoria said mom turned from an alarming shade of grey to a healthy pink and will likely outlive us all.  Victoria then paid the Full Monty and covered her whole year of fines!  Four bells
Susanne then turned the mic on herself for a pair of good times; she said something about Melissa and Women in Rotary and $20 (I may have gotten a little drowsy again at this point ).  She also praised Caron, with whom she has partnered for over 18 years including a project that has lasted over a year.  $100!
Paul Simmons was anxious to tell us of his recent 10 day cruise with Kay.  They toured Montreal, Boston and Nova Scotia among other stops.  He was particularly moved by the JFK Library.  Bell!
Pablo stood to announce he's old.  He recently went shopping at Victoria Secret and had quite an adventure.  $25 was the fine
At this point ADG Brad introduced our speaker Ron.  Ron served in the US Army and earned the rank of Sargent E5.  After the military he earned his BS at SF State and is now a Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley. 
Ron called Caron, John Godsey, Paul and Melissa to the head table.  He then explained that John is now a Paul Harris plus one, Caron is a Plus 5, Melissa a Plus 8 and that Paul is a Major Donor as well as a member of the Paul Harris Society.  A Major Donor is one who has given at least $10,000 to Rotary International.  We're very proud of Paul and all of our Paul Harris members. 
Ron talked about Making a Difference and Preserving the planet.  He encouraged us all to plant a tree.  In discussing the merits of Rotary he went on to remind us that in 1955 there were over 350,000 cases of polio and today there are 10.  He stated that Rotary and the WHO have inoculated over 2.5 billion children worldwide. 
He then praised our club which he explained has donated over $460,000 to RI and other worthy causes, that we've had 33 Paul Harris Fellows, 3 Major Donors, 5 members of the Bequest Society and 13 Benefactors.  47% of our club is female which is far above the average club level (way to go Jeannie the trailblazer!).  Ron closed with a wonderful slide presentation featuring members of our club. 
Caron is $10 the richer as the raffle winner. 
See you next week.
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